New Employee? Double Their Productivity with the Right First Day.

Create the right ‘first-day’ experience and dramatically improve the lifetime productivity of new employees.

The first impression sets the tone for the entire employment history.

Because of this, it is incredibly important to make sure that you intentionally design a new employee’s first day so that they create the most productive rules possible.

This is one of the reasons that sales people are often able to find many alternative ways to spend their time when they really should be making the next sales call.

Finding excuses to avoid making more sales calls.

Once we understand this, it empowers us to create the ideal first impression so that we can create a foundation for happy, comfortable, and productive employment.

He consistently performed well and routinely made more phone calls in a day than the sales people that were hired before him. And so, we changed the induction and training process.

It is important that you confirm and follow the legal requirements in your jurisdiction.



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